Stainless Steel & PVC Pipe

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RBG is reputed as biggest importer and exporter of STAINLESS STEEL, PVC PIPES AND WIRE ROPES from China, Ukrine and Russia.

Our product catalouge include:

  • Steel Ropes 0,55-72,0mm:

    Six-stranded ropes of different strand construction, multi-stranded round ropes and those of closed construction as well, eight-stranded ropes with metal or fiber core, multifunction point contact ropes, etc.

  • Steel Wire Ø 0,15-6,0mm:

    Bright and galvanized steel rope wire, spring wire, low-carbon wire of general purpose, copper coating and without coating welding wire, galvanized steel wire for steel-aluminum conductors, wire for reinforcement of the prestressed concrete constructions of round and periodic profile, brass-plated and without coating wire for high-pressure hoses, brass-plated wire for bead rings of tires, galvanized and wire without coating, wire for communication lines, etc.

  • Steel Fibers Made Of Round Wire:

    With clinches, wavy, with flattened ends micro fiber.

  • Mesh:

    Welding galvanized and without coating, “rabitsa-type” braided mesh without coating and galvanized, corrugated mesh and complex-corrugated, weaving mesh, etc.

  • Synthetic Ropes (Capron & Polypropylene)

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