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RBG has worked closely with the research institutes and large carbon graphite manufacturers in China to develop its own range of Graphite Electrodes. From the selection of raw material, manufacturing processes to logistics, RGBs experts ensure the supply of highest quality graphite electrodes to its valued customers. RBG is providing RP, HP, SHP and UHP electrodes under its brand Electrotech.

Modern and advance brand of Graphite Electrodes has been developed after 4years research and taking keen examination in process of utilization of electrodes.

This brand has been developed for the consumers benefits for example:

  • Reduction TCO.(Total Cost Of Owner In Production)
  • Reduction of Electricity consumption
  • Better heat production.
  • Lowering consumption of electrodes

Sizes Of Graphite Electrodes

Our products are as follows:

  • UHP, HP, and RP Graphite Electrodes.
  • Carbon Blocks
  • Isostatic Graphite
  • Special Graphite, Carbon Felt, Carbon/Carbon Composite Materials.

Technical Data For HP (High Power) Graphite Electrodes

Technical Data For RP (Regular Power) Graphite Electrodes

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